Slavery of the Poor

Zainal Sapari: Slavery of the Poor

In one of my parliamentary speeches, I called upon us to guard against ”slavery of the poor”. What does the term mean? It is a plight that happens when vulnerable, low-wage workers are taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers, who exploit this group’s ignorance of their employment rights.

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Thou Shall Not Make Me Work Beyond 72 Hours

In a recent survey commissioned by the Union of Security Employees, a sizeable number of security officers who responded to the survey cited the long working hours as the core aspect of their job that they disliked. Citing this as an issue, NTUC Assistant Secretary-General and Security Tripartite ...

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Can you help, please?

I recall, when I first joined the Labour Movement in 2011, that during my engagements with the Building Construction And Timber Industries Employees’ Union (BATU) members (of whom many were cleaners), I was appalled that there were cleaners who were still earning $600 a month

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Securing a Future, Together

“I think it’s an issue with the mindset that only old people are suited for security work. When I say that, I mean it not only for the general public but also young people who don’t even consider the line,” said 27-year-old Nor Hazimah Haron, a qualified security supervisor.

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