Do You Even Lift? – A Peek into the Life of a Lift Technician

“When I first started servicing lifts as my first job, the residents were very friendly. They would appreciate our work and make us kopi. Now, the moment they see us, they shut their doors,” said Chevalier Senior Lift Technician Zulkifli Yusop, 52, who has been in the industry for ...

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Understanding more about their work from 58-year-old, Patrick Tung, a lift technician (Photo Source: NTUC)

Melvin Yong: Uplifting the Lift Industry

To enhance the safety standards of lifts, BCA recently re-introduced the certification for lifts, increased more items on the maintenance checklist from 48 to 96, and stepped up their external audits and checks on lifts. The question is: do we have sufficient professionals in the lift industry to meet ...

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“Hell No! Security guarding Is Not a Low-Wage Job”

Organised by the Union of Security Employees (USE) on behalf of the Security Tripartite Cluster (STC) here, the Learning Journey showed us the key success factors of Sweden’s security industry and made us realise what we can do to uplift Singapore’s private security industry.

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The Progressive Wage Model Simplified – Security Industry Edition

So looking more specifically on how the PWM serves to benefit those in the security industry and what stakeholders such as private security agencies and private security officers should do, here’s an infographic from us to you – ‘The PWM simplified, security industry edition’.

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Melvin Yong: The Real (Rail) Unseen Heroes

While the city sleeps, many of us may not be aware of the hard work put in by our rail maintenance crew (behind the scenes) to keep our public rail transportation running smoothly in Singapore.

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Zainal Sapari: Your Bidding Is My Command

In my last blog post, I shared my thoughts on how irresponsible outsourcing by organisations or companies could depress or lead to stagnating wages. Cheap sourcing could cut the margins of service providers and hence, give them very little room to provide better employment benefits other than those required ...

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Zainal Sapari: Peter Drucker, do you know what you’ve done?

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest!” was the advice given by the legendary business and management guru, Peter Drucker, who started the phenomena of ‘outsourcing’ in the late 1990s, where companies buy services (or goods) by contract from a service provider (or supplier).

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Chan Chun Sing: Changing the Way We View Security

In recent weeks, we have been concerned with various security issues. We’re also aware that much attention has been focused on the training and equipping of our SAF and HOME Team members, and rightly so. But often neglected, is the complementary role that private security personnel play in our ...

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