About Us

LabourBeat was started by publishing house Majority Media Pte Ltd in 2015 as a blog to underscore the voices, aspirations and experiences of workers in Singapore.

Following a revamp, LabourBeat took on a new direction in 2018 to become an educational, informative and inspiring portal that encompasses everything and anything a worker needs or wants to know about Singapore’s labour scene.

With the aid of the multimedia, social media and a host of other digital tools, you can expect timely coverage with breadth and depth.

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for one or all of these:

  • Latest news affecting workers and jobs
  • Events, promotions and work-life tips
  • Where to go to pick up a new skill
  • Comprehensive directory of resources and courses that will help you at any stage of your career and personal life
  • How technology is disrupting the way we work and live
  • Inspirational stories shared by everyday workers
  • Grants, schemes and various forms of assistance for all workers

Our team is committed to inform, inspire and engage you. If you have any ideas or news tips that can help us make LabourBeat better and relevant, we look forward to hearing from you at editor@labourbeat.orgFor marketing and advertising matters, please drop an email at sales@labourbeat.org.

This website is also constantly evolving to remain relevant to you amidst the changing economic landscape of today and tomorrow. So, do drop by often to see what’s new and share content that may interest your friends!

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