The Unusual Labour Movement: Evolving Needs, Expanding Services, Growing Network

To better serve our increasingly diverse and sophisticated workforce, SG Chan Chun Sing shares that the Labour Movement will focus its efforts on three fronts: Evolving Needs, Expanding Services and Growing Network so as to cater to the varying job expectations and needs of our working people, which are ...

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Chan Chun Sing: An Unusual Labour Movement?

When I first joined the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) a year ago, I never fully appreciated how “unusual” this organisation was. It was only when I first participated in the annual International Labour Organisation (ILO) meeting in Geneva that I began to appreciate just how “unusual” we were. ...

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Chan Chun Sing: Changing the Way We View Security

In recent weeks, we have been concerned with various security issues. We’re also aware that much attention has been focused on the training and equipping of our SAF and HOME Team members, and rightly so. But often neglected, is the complementary role that private security personnel play in our ...

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Why I Worry About Job Security

Chan Chun Sing: Job Security – Cyclical or Structural?

Since joining the Labour Movement in Jan 2015, many have asked me how it has been. Others have asked what I do and what keeps me going. At that time, I jokingly said that it was to “lighten the load of my MSF colleagues”. That if I do my ...

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Labour Movement to Strengthen Outreach to Bring in More Members

Quick facts – The current strength of the Labour Movement: 470,000 members in 2007; 888,000 members as at August 2015; of this, 40 per cent of union members or some 300,000 are made up of local and foreign Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) Emphasising that it is not resting on ...

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National Day Message 2015 by NTUC Secretary-General Chan Chun Sing

As we celebrate Singapore’s 50th year of independence, our Labour Movement is proud that Singapore has a robust and capable workforce and enjoys strong tripartism and harmonious industrial relations. Our unemployment rate remains low and our workers continue to see real wage increases. At a recent International Labour Conference ...

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