Zainal Sapari: All workers are equal, but some are more equal than others!

Fixed term contract employees form a small but important part of Singapore’s workforce, yet not all receive their fair dues. NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Zainal Sapari says more needs to be done to protect them and give them better job security.

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Work, World and Life-Ready? Let nEbO Show You How

nEbO which stands for “Nobody Enjoys Being Ordinary”, is the Labour Movement’s junior membership arm. nEbO youths are given opportunities to spearhead events, giving them the platform to develop skills that will help them as they enter the working world.

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Why Tripartism is Singapore’s winning formula

6 Reasons Why Tripartism is Singapore’s Winning Formula

It is not in many countries around the world that you see this scene being played out: Key representatives from the employer body, trade union movement and the elected government around the same table, and sometimes, even holding hands together. In Singapore, such a scene is normal, I would even ...

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Let’s Talk about Tripartism

The concept of tripartism is simple enough. In a nutshell, it’s the co-operation between employers, the Government and unions for the common good. But effectively practising it is easier said than done. Here in Singapore, three umbrella bodies play a key role in promoting and upholding the spirit of ...

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