Meet the Volunteers Behind the May Day Migrant Workers Celebration 2017

Migrant workers contribute to our society by building our offices and homes. We do not have to do a lot, or need special skills to help them; it is about being welcoming, interacting with them, having some fun and through engagement, allow them to integrate, mix around and feel ...

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Marcel Bandur: I Myself Am a Migrant Worker

“I understand what it entails going to a different country, to try to settle in and to learn a foreign language. When you don’t have family support, it becomes very difficult. I myself am a migrant worker. Just because I have a higher paying job doesn’t make me anything ...

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Why Tripartism is Singapore’s winning formula

6 Reasons Why Tripartism is Singapore’s Winning Formula

It is not in many countries around the world that you see this scene being played out: Key representatives from the employer body, trade union movement and the elected government around the same table, and sometimes, even holding hands together. In Singapore, such a scene is normal, I would even ...

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