Slavery of the Poor

Zainal Sapari: Slavery of the Poor

In one of my parliamentary speeches, I called upon us to guard against ”slavery of the poor”. What does the term mean? It is a plight that happens when vulnerable, low-wage workers are taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers, who exploit this group’s ignorance of their employment rights.

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A union member tells her story of caring for her son and grandchildren and how help from FDAWU has been invaluable.

How Being a Union Member Helped One Grandma Take Care of Her Grandkids

Home for 66-year-old Mdm Patsy Chia (not her real name) is a small rented one-room flat, which she shares with an elderly stranger. She holds two jobs as a steward at two different hotels. For six days a week, Mdm Chia starts her day job at 8am and ends ...

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