Thou Shall Not Make Me Work Beyond 72 Hours

In a recent survey commissioned by the Union of Security Employees, a sizeable number of security officers who responded to the survey cited the long working hours as the core aspect of their job that they disliked. Citing this as an issue, NTUC Assistant Secretary-General and Security Tripartite ...

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How the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) Works for the Security Sector

As recommended by the Security Tripartite Cluster, the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for the security sector consists of five levels with different job functions and responsibilities of Security Officers. The recommended starting wage for Security Officers is $1,100 and will increase as the Officer becomes better skilled, more productive and ...

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Certis CISCO President and CEO Paul Chong gives a presentation on the benefits of using technology to help cope with the manpower crunch in the security industry.

Practising Best Sourcing Can Be an All-round Winner for Security Agencies, Buyers and Employees

Buyers of security services should practise best sourcing immediately, and base procurement on performance and quality rather than price even before the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) becomes a mandatory licensing requirement for the security sector on 1 September 2016. The Union of Security Employees (USE) Executive Secretary Steve Tan ...

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