Beyond Borders on Service 170X

Many of us might be familiar with the public transport options to get you across the Causeway, i.e. the KTM shuttle, taxis or public buses. However, few would know how the day is like for a bus captain who operates the cross-border bus service that transports commuters between Singapore ...

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Melvin Yong: The Real (Rail) Unseen Heroes

While the city sleeps, many of us may not be aware of the hard work put in by our rail maintenance crew (behind the scenes) to keep our public rail transportation running smoothly in Singapore.

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Senior Minister of State for Transport, Ng Chee Meng, seeking fair standards for Taxi and Private Hire vehicle services.

Senior Minister of State for Transport Seeks Fair Standards for Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Services

With the proliferation of private hire vehicle services, there’s been a raging debate over the legitimacy of such practices, and concerns from taxi drivers. Evidently, this new development in our local transport scene is something that will impact both commuters and transport service providers. In a bid to level ...

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