Do You Even Lift? – A Peek into the Life of a Lift Technician

“When I first started servicing lifts as my first job, the residents were very friendly. They would appreciate our work and make us kopi. Now, the moment they see us, they shut their doors,” said Chevalier Senior Lift Technician Zulkifli Yusop, 52, who has been in the industry for ...

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Understanding more about their work from 58-year-old, Patrick Tung, a lift technician (Photo Source: NTUC)

Melvin Yong: Uplifting the Lift Industry

To enhance the safety standards of lifts, BCA recently re-introduced the certification for lifts, increased more items on the maintenance checklist from 48 to 96, and stepped up their external audits and checks on lifts. The question is: do we have sufficient professionals in the lift industry to meet ...

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