Investing in Future Skills

Investing In Future Skills - SkillsFuture

Investing In Future Skills - SkillsFuture

Singaporeans can look forward to an increase in support to help them with continual education and training through the SkillsFuture initiatives.

SkillsFuture Credit (from 2016)

  • Initial credit of $500 to Singaporeans aged 25 and above
  • Can be used for a broad range of courses for education and training which are supported by government agencies
  • Credit will be topped up at regular intervals and will not expire

Individual Learning Portfolio (from 2017)

  • All Singaporeans will have one as an online resource for one-stop education, training and career guidance
  • Can be used to help plan for education and training needs starting from secondary school

SkillsFuture Earn And Learn Programme

  • To place fresh polytechnic and ITE graduates in jobs and receive a salary while undergoing structured on-the-job training and mentorship while they study for an industry-recognised qualification
  • Both trainees and employers will receive substantial support from the Government

Enhanced subsidies for mid-career Singaporeans (from second half of 2015)

  • Subsidies for all Singaporeans aged 40 and above will be enhanced to a minimum of 90% of training costs for courses funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Singapore Workforce Development Agency
  • Singaporeans can enjoy multiple subsidies from MOE for modular courses at all levels and regardless of age

SkillsFuture Study Awards

  • For Singaporeans to develop specialist skills required in future growth clusters and to support those who wish to develop other competencies such as business and cross-cultural skills
  • About 2,000 will be awarded per year eventually

SkillsFuture Fellowship (from 2016)

  • To develop Singaporeans to achieve mastery in their respective fields
  • About 100 fellowships will be awarded each year, which can be used for a range of education and training options, in both craft-based and knowledge-based areas

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