Who’s Afraid of Technology? Not This Active Ager!

Despite being 63 years old, Caroline Moh is possibly more tech-savvy and fitter than many people half her age. She’s one of those we call an active ager these days.

She currently works part-time as a finance manager at a multi-national company (MNC) after retiring from full-time work earlier this year.

“I decided to slow things down a little. So, when my company restructured, I opted to work part-time instead of taking up full-time re-employment,” she said.

What does she do in her free time since she has to work only three times a week? Plenty of things.

For one, she has been volunteering as a cyber guide and a fitness instructor at U Live, a community for active agers under NTUC Club.

“I came across U Live in a magazine in 2012. I first participated in its health and wellness initiatives. I believed I could contribute to the community in a meaningful way, so I decided to volunteer my time with them,” she said.

The Tech Instructor

She has helped many mature workers learn to use technology by conducting courses on tech and smartphone-related matters.

“A lot of seniors are fearful of technology. When I conduct my course, we must go step by step in teaching them to use apps like Whatsapp. I think maybe a lot of them are afraid of spoiling the smartphones when using them, but I always reassure them and tell them they shouldn’t worry,” she said.

Caroline is no stranger to technology. Working for an MNC has exposed her to different types of new technology systems. And she makes it a point to learn how to use them whenever she can.

“Technology is constantly changing. So we need to take the initiative to learn as much as we can. Learning cannot stop when we reach retirement age,” said Caroline.

The Fitness Instructor

Caroline also believes that a healthy body will also lead to a healthy mind.

That’s not surprising since she’s also a certified KpopX Fitness instructor. KpopX is an aerobics workout that follows the tempo and beat of Kpop songs.

“If our body is healthy, we tend to be more positive in life. For me I hope to continue to live happily and healthily. My advice to seniors is to keep upgrading themselves to keep up with their industries, and keep fit by leading an active lifestyle,” she said.

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