Cool Things You Never Knew about Being an NTUC Member!

Just in case you forgot what it meant to be an NTUC Member, there’s a very handy FAQs just a few taps away on your keyboard. We head back in to find out more about the various benefits, assistance schemes and training subsidy, among others. Here are just a few highlights, with a full listing available on the link at the end of the article. Remember to tell your friends about these too!

NTUC FairPrice Rebates

  • 4 per cent cash rebate when you shop at NTUC FairPrice.
  • For more information, visit the FairPrice Help Centre.

Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP)

  • UTAP is an individual skills upgrading account specially for NTUC members.
  • Members can enjoy UTAP funding at 50 per cent of the unfunded course fee, capped at $250 every year.
  • For more information and sign-ups, go to the UTAP page.

NTUC Assistance Programmes

  • U Care Back to School (BTS) Vouchers
    • A core assistance programme by NTUC-U Care Fund, it aims to help eligible union members defray the cost of their children’s school expenses for the new school year.
    • Each successful applicant will receive a booklet of U Care BTS vouchers worth $125 for each eligible school-going child (limited to one booklet per eligible child).
  • U Care U Stretch Vouchers
    • Another initiative by the NTUC-U Care Fund, it provides relief to eligible union members by helping to stretch their dollar on daily necessities.
    • Each successful applicant will receive either a $100 or $50 worth of vouchers.
  • NTUC Gift
    • NTUC Gift is a group insurance policy exclusively for members of NTUC affiliated unions and associations.
    • All union members who are below 65 years old are automatically covered against death,and total and permanent disability of up to $40,000.
    • For more information and sign-ups, go to the NTUC Gift page.

For a full list of NTUC membership support and assistance programmes, visit the membership FAQs page.

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