Mary Liew Charts the Future of Seafarers and More

With beginnings as early as 1982 in the Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU), Mary Liew’s experience has grown multifold with her expanding portfolios across divisions and eventually, taking on the roles of general secretary in the union’s executive committee in 2013 and president in NTUC central committee in 2015.

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A meeting of minds between NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Patrick Tay and Stephen Russell of the United Kingdom Trades Union Congress. (NTUC)

Patrick Tay: Global Labour Developments – Keep Pace to Stay Ahead

Representing NTUC and our Labour Movement, several union leaders and I had the excellent opportunity to interact with many fellow labour movement leaders and analysts from across various jurisdictions in Asia, Europe as well as the Scandinavian countries during the week-long annual International Labour Conference (ILC) held at the ...

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