The Progressive Wage Model Simplified – Security Industry Edition

So we’ve been hearing fancy jargon such as career progression pathway and progressive wage structure across newspapers, websites and even social media. But do you know that these terms are parts that form the Progressive Wage Model (PWM)? And do you know who will be impacted with the implementation of the security PWM and what various affected parties should do?

NTUC’s Assistant Secretary-General, Zainal Sapari, agrees that the PWM is a move in the right direction, but more still needs to be done – especially in the areas of public awareness and education.

So looking more specifically on how the PWM serves to benefit those in the security industry and what stakeholders such as private security agencies and private security officers should do, here’s an infographic from us to you – ‘The PWM simplified, security industry edition’.

Click on the visual below for a clearer picture!

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