LinkedIn: 2018’s Top Emerging Jobs

LinkedIn emerging jobs

World’s leading professional network LinkedIn just released its 2018 Emerging Jobs in Singapore Report and two things are for sure – jobs are all about consolidating and going digital.

From analysing user-input job titles on LinkedIn over the past five years, the report identified five top emerging jobs. Interestingly, they are all tech-related and hybrid roles that demand multiple skillsets.

Data Scientist

The demand for data scientists has grown by 17 times, making the role the fastest emerging job. There’s only one problem – we have a lack of talent with the technical skills.

Meanwhile, in India, there is a homegrown tech bloom. Over 20 per cent of the data scientists that migrated to Singapore are from India. We got to catch up!

Skills needed: Data science, machine learning, analytics, data mining, big data

Combining roles: Researcher, professor, software engineer, research assistant

Local full-time jobs on LinkedIn: 618 search results*

Cyber Security Specialist

As cybercrimes grow more sophisticated into phishing, social engineering, and ransomware, companies are rushing to step up on their cyber security.

Not surprisingly then, the demand for cyber security specialist has risen by 5.5 times over the years. This is set to grow further as our lives and work become more connected with smart devices.

The Cyber Security Agency estimates a lack of up to 3400 cyber security professionals in 2020. How will we stay protected?

Skills needed: computer security, security, cyber security, consulting, management

Combining roles: information specialist, security consultant, security specialist

Local full-time jobs on LinkedIn now: 139 search results*

User Experience Designer

Consumption patterns are changing and millennials seldom touch their computers after work. Mobile is the new big thing and companies are catching on, especially to roll out convenient e-payment solutions.

With the rise of mobile wallets, applications and e-payment technologies, employers are now looking for the best people to help them get ahead of the competition. The job, which has grown 3.4 times to date, requires lots of soft skills like analysis, collaboration and prioritisation.

Are you up for the challenge?

Skills needed: Coding, prototyping, design, wireframing, banking

Combining roles: User interface designer, graphic designer, web designer, art director

Local full-time jobs on LinkedIn now: 146 search results*

Head of Digital

Transforming traditional business models, mindsets and processes completely is a long and arduous journey. Companies need a knowledgeable leader at the top to set the directions and push things forward.

Demand for this position has grown three times over the past five years, and it is set to rise further as financial institutions look for its next generation of leaders in the digital age.

Skills needed: Digital marketing, internet banking, management, communication, leadership

Combining roles: Digital specialist, head of marketing, head of information technology

Local full-time jobs on LinkedIn now: 150 search results*

Content Specialist

The age of hard-selling advertisements is long gone. Consumers are now attracted to brand stories, engaging social media posts and value-adding multimedia.

How can companies effectively engage its target audience and seed its messages organically into the content they produce? That takes dedicated attention and effort. It is no wonder why hiring for this role has also tripled since.

Skills needed: Content marketing, digital production, sales enablement, content delivery, communication

Combining roles: Content manager, editor, digital specialist, marketing specialist

Local full-time jobs on LinkedIn now: 85 search results*

*Number of search results accurate as of retrieval on 7 September 2018.
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