What’s Cooking?

Cooking at home seems to be going so out of fashion these days that it got us thinking why. The one main culprit – time.

To counter that and bring back the romance with the kitchen, the team here decided to scour for a pick of quick-whip meals that do not cheat on taste and flavours!

We didn’t have to go far, as we found a pot of bubbling ideas brewing on NTUC FairPrice’s website. So, what are your plans this weekend? You may just want to try your hand at stirring up some home-cooked goodness. All recipes cited are available here.

Here are our top favourites. We couldn’t resist the Zespri® Kiwifruit Lollies, inviting with their cool sun-drenched finish and speckled with thinly-sliced kiwifruits. It takes 20 minutes to cook, but we have to confess something. Good things come to those who wait, so we thought you wouldn’t mind the 4 hours chilling time.

Next up, the Lime, Togarashi and Honey-Roasted Chicken Mid-Wings. Whip up succulent wings in 35 minutes, tops. Combine honey, hoisin, sesame oil, Japanese chilli pepper, and a few other ingredients for this delightful addition to the family dinner table.

Go fusion with this next recipe that takes a whole of 30 minutes to be ready and plated. Exotic ingredients like turmeric, young ginger, blue ginger, lemongrass and dried tamarind combine to become a fiery marinade for salmon. The Grilled Salmon with Percik Marinade is a sure winner in our books.

There are plenty of recipes on FairPrice’s website you may want to try out. Categories include Dishes and Meals, Festive Occasions and Lifestyle, among many other wonderful tasty delights. Let us know how they go the next time we meet in the OMB lift!

Recipes mentioned above and many others are available on NTUC FairPrice’s website.

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