Who Has a Heart to Help?

On our sunny island, there are hundreds of thousands of migrant workers working hard to make a living and create a better future for their families back home. 

Besides their country of origin, they’re really no different from any Singaporean. Like us, they have hopes, fears and dreams.

They long for sweet success and often pray to avoid any bitter failures in their time here. But some of them do end up facing trials and tribulations, far away from home, in a foreign land. Some have run into employment issues.

It may be because of an injury or an irresponsible employer, but that’s besides the point. Many of these workers can’t even afford to sustain themselves while waiting for their cases to be concluded.

So is anyone doing anything to help them? Let’s find out: 

As you’ve seen, the Geylang Food Project is a collaboration between Healthserve and the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC). Through the project, migrant workers caught in limbo because of work injury claims or employment disputes can receive some support by way of free meals.

Click here to find out more information on the project.

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