Delivering Happiness, One Meal at a Time

It is no wonder she is nicknamed ‘Wonder Woman’ by her regular customers in the central business district. UberEATS delivery partner Kashlyn Teo often inspires awe with her cheerful demeanor, quirky dress code, and ability to keep up to the demands of the job despite being 70-years-old.

She also travels around on a bright pink scooter – a Mother’s Day gift from her four children – and takes it on train rides for longer distances.

Active Ager

“When my son suggested this job to me in January, I was nervous about facing customers, but I found out that people nowadays make their food orders through their smartphones. After I learned how to use the UberEATS mobile application and Google Maps to find my way, I found it all very convenient.

“I love that I can walk from point to point when I want to and exercise. The timings are also very flexible so I can still spend time with my grandchildren. It will be a long time till I retire,” said Kashlyn.

She was lauded by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the recent National Day Rally for her spirit of lifelong learning. She has also made use of her $500 SkillsFuture Credit to learn basic English and the functions of various digital devices.

Overcoming the Odds

Kashlyn was not always a delivery partner.

To support her low-income family, she started work at the age of 18 doing door-to-door sales and teaching. Life, however, hit a new low when her husband turned unfaithful, eventually leading to a divorce.

Determined to pick herself up, she learnt to become a beautician in Japan and subsequently developed an interest in singing and fashion.

At 40, she remarried and ran her own businesses in Singapore with the support of her family – a beauty salon and a 24-hour coffeeshop. She sold them away two years ago because it had become too tiring and her eyesight had deteriorated.

“I’m a free spirit now. I did not have the chance to have much education when I was younger but moving forward I want to read more and learn new things such as cooking.”

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