First Look! Check Out Our May Day Awardees for 2017!

It has taken us weeks and even months – but we’re finally ready to present to you a sneak peek at some of our awardees whom we will be honouring at May Day Awards 2017 tomorrow at Orchid Country Club!

Our very own “Golden Globes” event (if you will), this year’s May Day Awards will boast a refreshed format and programme – you’ll find out in less than 24 hours 😉 But while the glitz and glamour will change, what will remain is our endeavour to recognise individuals and partners of our Labour Movement network, for their efforts to serve our working people.

Feel free to mouse over the images to read their stories and be inspired!

And once again, congratulations to our awardees 🙂

P/S: If you have some time, check out our May Day Awards 2017 Features Page to find out more about our other awardees. But shhhh, we’re keeping the identity of our top awardee a mystery just yet 😉

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  • What makes a hero?

    For us, heroes come from all industries and professions – whether they are in the spotlight or work behind the scenes. That is why we recognise the efforts of the Ministry of Manpower and the Police Licensing Regulatory Department to uplift the working standards of our security officers, whose work often goes unheralded. Working through the Security Tripartite Cluster Committee, they’ve managed to raise the standards of the industry, translating to better skills and better pay for our security officers!

  • Tharman

    And our highest award for May Day Awards 2017 goes to none other than Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam! Congratulations DPM Tharman and from all of us, thank you for the many years of vision, wisdom and guidance you have so nicely shared with the Labour Movement, for the betterment of all working people of today and tomorrow.

  • It is one thing to be passionate about sports, and another to be passionate about uplifting and making a difference in the sports coaching industry.

    For Justin Teh, however, both are equally important. He shares, “Hopefully by the time I retire, the next wave of younger coaches who come on board will have a better environment to work in so that people who love coaching don’t have to drop out because of financial issues. They can continue to do what they love.”

  • Passionate. Selfless. Empathetic – These are but some of the adjectives used to describe Sister Shiong Yee.

    Did you know? Apart from being active in her union work, it is also thanks to her efforts that her female colleagues at The Polyolefin Company enjoy family-friendly workplace benefits!

  • The May Day Awards 2017 will be held on 13 May 2017 at the Orchid Country Club.

  • Clad in a button-down and pants, Sister Noor Shyma A Latiff may come across as all business and no play. But don’t let that fool you: Speak to her, and you’ll discover just how warm and engaging she really is!

    Amicable and affable – No wonder she’s respected and trusted by both workers and management alike!

  • “My mission in life is to feed 100 million people with healthy, convenient and affordable vegetarian food.”

    A grand target, we’re happy to say that Justin Chou is well on his way to achieving his goal. After all, he was a co-mastermind of the ‘Hawker 3.0’ project that aims to refresh the hawker trade by providing valuable training support to aspiring ‘hawkerpreneurs’.

    A guy that’s bent on saving our hawker culture. Need we say more?

  • Did you know? Brother Fido Chung Chee Tong is a two-time May Day Award winner!

    Needless to say, this is testament to his dedication in serving the Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Employees’ Union – something he has been doing for the past three decades in various capacities.

    So while he may be retiring from his leadership position, the fruit of his efforts will continue to benefit many to come. Thank you Brother Fido for your life’s work, wisdom and wealth of experience which you’ve shared so selflessly with us!

  • Ever wanted to master the art of making dim sum?

    Thanks to a Lean Enterprise Development project undertaking by Tung Lok in conjunction with NTUC U SME and NTUC’s e2i, you may very well get to!

    But it’s not just the xiao long baos that we’re excited about. For being early adopters of productivity and training, Tung Lok gets two thumbs up!

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