Project Heart in Hands

Project Heart in Hands

May Day celebrates all workers and we are paying our special tribute to the domestic workers that have become very much part of our everyday lives.


The ones we spoke with told us about memories left behind thousands of miles away in their homes.


They work as domestic workers for families in Singapore.


They’ve brought their dreams, hopes and aspirations along with them to our shores.


They too are mothers and daughters.


And like us, they too long for a better future and to be reunited with their loved ones.

Rusmawati, 39, Indonesia

“To my daughter Dina, I hope you will be someone successful in this life and the next. With Love, Your Mother.”

Pang Chit, 29, Myanmar

(Translation) “Oh my dear family, I love you all and miss you all so much. I long to meet you all, even though I’m working hard away from home.”

Gemalyn Cancio, 40, Philippines

“I miss my daughter so much. She is polite and loving to me. She always studies hard and is a good girl even though I’m far from her. She is independent and respectful to her lola and uncle.”

Yin Moe Htay, 41, Myanmar

“My son will be going to university next year, so I’ll need the money. Even though I was a nurse in Myanmar, I decided to come to Singapore to work because the salary is higher.”

Anangel Frando Palo, 47, Philippines

“Dear Justin, be good to your grandmother while I am away from you. This is for your future, my son. I miss you, I love you.”

Nur Legam, 35, Indonesia

(Translation) “My hopes for my family back home – May my mother and father, husband and children always be healthy, and may we be reunited again someday.”

Evelyn Obillo, 47, Phillipines

“I have an agreement with my children: When my youngest son is done with school and we have saved enough for our house, then I will go home.”