The Logistics Industry Transformation Map (ITM) was officially announced on 16 November 2016. Integrating the efforts of different Government agencies and associations, it will map out just how Singapore can reinforce Singapore’s position as a global logistics hub through operations excellence, innovation and a strong Singaporean core. The ITM will also help companies grow and become more competitive, and support the training and upgrading of the workforce as it the sector looks to provide some 2,000 new job opportunities for PMEs by 2020.

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Which Way is the Logistics Industry Headed?

Technology is shaking up the logistics industry, but the opportunities are ripe for those up for a challenge.

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How Are Your Cyber Monday Treasures Shipped?

Watch it in action at SingPost’s high-tech Regional eCommerce Logistics Hub!

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Can Logistics Cash in on E-commerce?

One company outlines how it is operationalising the Logistics Industry Transformation Map with new services and fresh talents to thrive.

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