Food Services

Launched on 8 September 2016, the Food Services Industry Transformation Map (ITM) highlights the need for a major makeover to combat manpower shortage and increase efficiency. Through collaborations with entities such as SPRING Singapore, Restaurant Association of Singapore and the Food, Drinks & Allied Workers Union, the ITM pushes the development of innovative food formats, adoption of technologies within local food and beverage establishments, and internationalisation. Strategies to attract more workers include job redesign, mapping out clear progression pathways and raising employees’ skills and versatility.

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Robots Lend a Helping Hand at Restaurant Service

Ever had your food brought to you by a robot? Here’s how one U SME Partner is changing things around so wait staff can concentrate on the diner’s experience.

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A Taste of What Technology Can Do

Grilled unagi specialist Uya reveal their secret to keeping its live eels fresh, all while overcoming the manpower crunch and upping its productivity.

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Taste Test: NTUC Foodfare’s Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre

There are new treats flavouring up the air at Pasir Ris Central. Journalists Fawwaz Baktee and Jonathan Tan check out what’s plating up.

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Sourcing Responsibly

There is one ingredient found in many everyday products. And if not farmed responsibly, it can cause harm to the environment. What is it and what is FairPrice doing about it?

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Heard About the Durians that went Online?

The day has come when you can finally order durians online and have them delivered right to your doorstep! Let’s tune in to The Durian Story.

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New App to Ease Manpower Crunch in F&B

F&B employers can look forward to being connected to a pool of over 32,000 ready-for-hire part-time workers.

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