Gourmet Meals Made Simple

Heard of Mod-Sin food? Here’s your chance to create these flavours at home, with a little help from FairPrice Finest! Also look out for the contest that will let you share your recipe with others (details below).

FairPrice Finest is serving up the annual Finest Festival from 23 August to 19 September 2018. Into its 11th year, this year’s campaign is themed ‘Anyone can Create: Gourmet Made Simple.’ The focus is all on Mod-Sin cuisine.

The festival demonstrates how Mod-Sin dishes can be prepared with just seven ingredients that are readily available at FairPrice Finest stores.

To help you in the kitchen, there is also a series of video tutorials showcasing how ordinary people can create easy dishes such as chicken rice risotto, beef stroganoff laksa, and kaya gula melaka tiramisu.

Cook like a Chef

The dishes are inspired by prominent chef Shen Tan, who is famous for her contributions to the Mod-Sin scene in Singapore.

Check out one of the video tutorials here:

Talking about the campaign, chef Shen said: “I have always believed that cooking is for everybody, and that cooking and eating at home is a healthier option while also spreading happiness. ‘Anyone Can Create’ is the perfect platform for sharing this vision and help people explore easy and fun ways of cooking. I hope that with this campaign, Mod-Sin cuisine will become more accessible to everyone, from locals to foreigners, and that they can easily recreate such dishes at home with ingredients from FairPrice Finest.”

If you’re interested, drop by at any FairPrice Finest outlets to get your ingredients today! The month-long campaign also offers exclusive “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” and $11 deals on a curated range of products.

Prizes to be Won

On top of that, you can join a contest where you can share your own Mod-Sin creations. Chef Shen will determine the winners along with the number of votes you receive from the community.

Winners stand a chance to create an original recipe with chef Shen and win up to $2,500 worth of attractive prizes.

For more details on the contest, visit www.fpfinestfestival.com.

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