Infocomm Media

Launched in November 2017, the Infocomm Media Industry Transformation Map (ICM ITM) aims to grow the industry’s value-add by six per cent annually. About 13,000 new jobs for professionals, managers, executives and technicians will be created by 2020.

The ITM will gear up for the digital economy through these three thrusts: investing and building capabilities in four frontier technologies, namely artificial intelligence and data analytics, cybersecurity, immersive media, and Internet of Things; preparing the next generation of ICM workforce for future job roles and business opportunities; guiding companies and workers from the other sectors in adopting digital technology to boost productivity and efficiency.

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Solution Architect: Creating the ‘Aha’ Moments

Surprise, surprise, Newson Ng from Microsoft says his job is not all about the technologies.

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Embrace Your Future

Artificial Intelligence: Making Work Better and Faster

Artificial intelligence is translating to countless business solutions, ranging from virtual assistants to screening tools. We see what some companies are doing.

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Bosch: A Pioneer in IoT

Internet of Things is transforming workplaces and lives. We find out from Bosch on the implications.

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Digitising Diamonds

Diamonds are getting a new security shine through technology. We talk to founder of Everledger Leanne Kemp to get more clarity.

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Going Digital: Why Workers Need to Be Ready Now

We catch up with a global business expert on the Budget 2018 measures to up technology at the workplace and get clued in on why workers need to be Smart Nation-ready.

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Patrick Tay: Riding the Wave of Digital Revolution

The rapid growth of technology and the wave of digitalisation is fundamentally changing the way people think, behave and communicate while transforming work rapidly. In his latest blogpost, NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Patrick Tay tells us why this is an era where the adage is no longer the “big fish eating the small fish” but “the…

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Seize Opportunities

IT Skills That Will Work for You

Need an employability boost? Check out these new Internet of Things and cloud computing programmes to make you more in demand.

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Changing Lives with Technology

Polytechnic and Junior College students now have a chance, with the new scholarship to develop ICT talents for Singapore’s Smart Nation plan.

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Build Your Own Mobile App!

Still got some balance in your SkillsFuture Credit account? You may want to try this – create your very own app and maybe even market it. We trawl across courses to find a few handy ones.

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Interested in Trending Technologies?

We know just the place! The Singapore Computer Society houses 15 industry chapters and interest groups spanning areas such as robotics, cloud computing, programming, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

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