Launched on 8 November 2017, the Healthcare Industry Transformation Map (ITM) lays down strategies that support the ongoing shifts in the healthcare system towards promoting healthier lifestyles, moving care into the community instead of in acute hospitals, and having cost-effective, sustainable and accessible care. The Ministry of Health will work with unions, healthcare providers, healthcare professionals and academic and research institutions to operationalise the ITM. Areas that will be looked at include enhancing jobs and skills, raising productivity and encouraging innovation.

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Never Too Late to Progress

It’s never too late to pick up knowledge and learn new skills. We find out all about Healthcare Assistant Ajis Jaafar’s motivation.

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Upping the Tech Game in Eldercare

Many industries are tapping on technology to cope with the manpower crunch and stay competitive, and the healthcare industry is no different. We shine the spotlight on a healthcare group that is focusing on the eldercare sector.

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Technology Gives this Singaporean an Earnings Boost

Technology is enabling patient transport assistants like Ganthi Mathy Balakrishnan to be more productive at work and receive a better pay.

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Patrick Tay: Healthcare Jobs – Keeping Fit

One of the sectors closest to my heart is the healthcare sector. In my years as the Executive Secretary and later, as Adviser, of the Healthcare Services Employees’ Union (HSEU), I have had the privilege of working closely together with our brothers and sisters in the healthcare sector in advancing industrial relations and working conditions…

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NTUC’s Social Enterprises – All for Good

NTUC’s social enterprises are made up of more than just FairPrice. Over the years, our network of social enterprises has grown to provide a range of services that are both affordable and accessible to meet the life cycle needs of our people.

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When Parents Grow Up

Parenting a parent? Are we trained to take care of our elderly at home who may not be in the best of health? Chances are no, but there is help out there. Find out more about NTUC Health’s home care services.

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Reese Wong: Stepping into the Future

In the two years that design engineer Reese Wong has worked at iPtec, he’s had to pour in many hours researching the latest updates across the vast medical landscape

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