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Interested in Trending Technologies?

We know just the place! The Singapore Computer Society houses 15 industry chapters and interest groups spanning areas such as robotics, cloud computing, programming, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

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A Kiasu Singaporean’s Guide to All Things Career-Related

Where to go, what to do and how to plan your career can be confusing. Especially so when life gets in the way of being able to sit down and chart your own personal roadmap. To help put all that into perspective and make a new job search or skills ...

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6 Things You Need to Know About SkillsFuture Credit

Come January 1, we’d be receiving support from the government to help us pursue self-enrichment courses we’ve wanted to do but had no impetus to sign ourselves up for. Coming in the form of $500 worth of credit that will be deposited into our individual SkillsFuture Credit accounts, we ...

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