Faces Of Singapore

Meet Union of Telecoms Employees of Singapore youth activist, Priyalata Pillay, who is one of the many looking out for young workers and the vulnerable in society.

Not many people would consider starting a career handling the end of someone’s life. But Kelly Lim, 26, thought different.

For many in the event management industry, audio professionals are better known as “soundmen”. One soundwoman tells us how she is holding her own in a man’s world.

Undaunted by the prospect of entering an industry which was both manual and male-dominated, Enqi Chee co-founded lighting design firm Roadie at the age of 23 in March 2017.

It is no wonder she is nicknamed ‘Wonder Woman’ by her regular customers in the central business district. UberEATS delivery partner Kashlyn Teo often inspires awe with her cheerful demeanor, quirky dress code, and ability to keep up to the demands of the job despite being 70-years-old.

Whether it is going undercover to investigate fraudulent financial activities in overseas companies or giving witness testimonies in court on behalf of law firms, Belinda Tan has done it all in her 15 years as a fraud investigator.

Whether you are 8 or 80, volunteering is a very individual and special thing. We find out why these two have been devoting their time to a good cause through NTUC Health.

When 58-year-old Tay Bee Tuan started working with NTUC First Campus, formerly known as NTUC Childcare, she never thought that she would end up teaching there for 37 years!

Taking care of younger children seemed like a step back in her career as a preschool teacher to some of her friends, especially considering that she has a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. But 27-year-old Noor Hasni Osman did not mind because that is where her passion is.

A mid-career switch enabled Jason Koh to find career satisfaction and build a better relationship with his family.