Caring For U

Many of the sporting events by U Sports are organised from the ground up by U CHAMPs, volunteer-leaders who make time from their busy work and school schedule to share their passion for sports with fellow union members. One of them is 24-year-old Felicia Lim, who is a U Champ for U Sports’ Floorball team.

As the National Day Parade 2017 draws nearer, NTUC President Mary Liew, Secretary-General (SG) Chan Chun Sing, and some Central Committee (CC) members paid the 36 contingent participants a visit to rouse their spirits.

We went behind the scenes at the Floating Platform to meet some union members who will be flying the Labour Movement’s flag high on National Day. NTUC’s National Day marching contingent.

Fixed term contract employees form a small but important part of Singapore’s workforce, yet not all receive their fair dues. NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Zainal Sapari says more needs to be done to protect them and give them better job security.

Many of us might be familiar with the public transport options to get you across the Causeway, i.e. the KTM shuttle, taxis or public buses. However, few would know how the day is like for a bus captain who operates the cross-border bus service that transports commuters between Singapore and Johor Bahru.

Thanks to companies with flexible human resource policies, mature workers like Madam Lim who have exceeded the re-employment age of 67 can continue doing what they love.

We catch up with NTUC Alignment Director Lim Eng Lee to hear how nEbO’s rapid growth is all due to youths whose ideas continue to keep it relevant.

To celebrate 10 years of awesome, here’s a quick throwback on nEbO’s milestones over the years!

Story by Avelyn Ng “The resources and the showcasing platforms provided by nEbO are hard to come by. Without them, our ideas will just remain as ideas,” shared Yong Shun. (Photo Source: NTUC This Week) Poh Yong Shun, now 20, was a soft-spoken youth during his secondary school days. That started to change after he...

Technology is enabling patient transport assistants like Ganthi Mathy Balakrishnan to be more productive at work and receive a better pay.