Better Workplaces

It is really not easy for working mothers to balance their work and caregiving roles, but NUH is making things a little easier with flexible work arrangements.

In an economy where talent is king, access is a real competitive advantage. For employees, the benefits of flexible working arrangements (FWAs) can include significantly improved work-life harmony, increased satisfaction at work and enhanced well-being. For employers, when they're able to understand the business case...

Did you know? According to the Workplace Safety and Health Institute, 268 workers suffered major injuries while 19 were fatally injured at work from January to June 2017. 5,864 workers sustained minor injuries, with over 200,000 man days lost.

Prime examples of not letting disability stand in their way, two special working Singaporeans get the chance to flourish in their careers thanks to inclusive HR policies.

Virtual reality and e-learning for workplace health and safety courses? LHUB CEO Kwek Kok Kwong tells us what they are doing to make learning more fun, efficient and effective.

Ok, not quite the American horror film, but close. Many people in Singapore handle machines, big and small, at the workplace. Imagine this: you are familiar with your job, having worked with these machines almost every day of your life. But one day, you get distracted momentarily and the next thing you know, your...

Changi Airport's Changi Experience Supervisor Chloe Lee, 25, has been working for P-Serve Pte Ltd for the last five years. Currently on a three-year term contract employment with the employment agency, she now gets more benefits compared to when she was working part-time at a retail outlet.

Thanks to companies with flexible human resource policies, mature workers like Madam Lim who have exceeded the re-employment age of 67 can continue doing what they love.

Data and analytics are shouldering up to the fashion world to keep customers coming back for more. We talk to Zalora’s Marketing Manager Li Zhiliang about the seduction.

Long-service staff in Asia’s leading retailer Wing Tai share how their jobs have changed over the years with one constant – the personal touch.