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In appreciation of the efforts of migrant workers during the Labour Movement’s May Day Migrant Workers Celebration, some migrant workers and Singaporeans came together for a fun day out.

Migrant workers contribute to our society by building our offices and homes. We do not have to do a lot, or need special skills to help them; it is about being welcoming, interacting with them, having some fun and through engagement, allow them to integrate, mix around and feel accepted.

Joined by some 1,000 domestic employees on 7 May at Youth Park @ Somerset, the Labour Movement (LM) organised its first-ever May Day Domestic Employees Celebration as part of our month-long series of May Day events to appreciate the contributions of our working people.

For almost close to a decade, Juliet Madrillo has been working for the Lee Family. Come 2018, she has plans to open her own rice mill back in her home country.

It does not matter if a case lasts a day or a decade (or two, in this case), unions will always be there to help workers. Read BATU’s story on returning owed salaries - that has been 17 years in the making.

Rachael Ng, 22, launched a photo project titled 'Invisible Hands' for people to know more about migrant workers and be more appreciative towards them

NTUC says the changes in the Employment Act will bring about a fairer workplace.

NTUC reported that there has been an 8.8 per cent increase in the number of resident PME members – from 238,000 in August 2014 to 259,000 as at August 2015. By Ramesh Subbaraman Quick facts – The current strength of the Labour Movement: 470,000 members in 2007; 888,000 members as at August 2015; of this, 40 per cent...

As we celebrate Singapore’s 50th year of independence, our Labour Movement is proud that Singapore has a robust and capable workforce and enjoys strong tripartism and harmonious industrial relations. Our unemployment rate remains low and our workers continue to see real wage increases. At a recent International...

The Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) will act as a safety net for migrant workers if employers refuse to be responsible.