Last Minute LNY Grocery Shopping?

It always happens each year during this period – in the holiday rush, some items never make it into our grocery shopping cart for the festive feasting table because we forgot to pick them up, or the shops shut to allow staff to celebrate with their loved ones.

Well, guess what? This year, one store promises to have more of its outlets remain open, with a few extending their hours. We say, great job on the added convenience!

The real, raw deal – 81 FairPrice stores will operate 24 hours on the eve of the Lunar New Year and all the stores will extend their hours till midnight from 8 February so that sloppy shoppers like a few of us can squeeze in a bit of last minute buying.

There will be a total of 138 stores operating over the holidays and regular hours will resume on 18 February 2018.

It’s Thursday today, and we are still worried about getting our items for the home steamboat party. We’ll be checking to see the closest FairPrice that is waiting to welcome us to stock up.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone from all of us at LabourBeat!

Photo Credit: NTUC FairPrice