Migrant Workers’ Centre Ambassadors In Action

Their main role is to be all eyes and ears to the welfare of migrant workers while being migrant workers themselves.

When a migrant worker encounters a problem like the non-payment of salary or ill-treatment at the workplace, chances are he will turn to one of these ambassadors.

These ambassadors will, in turn, approach the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) to get help to look into the matter.

In Appreciation

There are about 1,500 such grassroots ambassadors, and the aim is to reach 5,000 by 2020, says MWC.

As part of the International Migrants Day 2017 celebrations, MWC and its tripartite stakeholders held a special dinner at the Orchid Country Club on 3 December 2017 to appreciate and recognise these migrant worker grassroots activists for their contributions.

These ambassadors play important roles such as explaining Singapore’s employment laws to new arrivals and sharing tips on how they can play their part in the SG Secure campaign.

And it was an evening of food, fun and games and an occasion to honour 20 of the most active ambassadors for their contributions towards looking into the welfare of the foreign workers.

Do join us on a photo journey in appreciation of all their hard work!

Migrant Workers’ Centre

Migrant Workers’ Centre’s grassroots activists awardees.

It was a night of fun and games for some 1,200 migrant ambassadors at the appreciation dinner held in their honour on 3 December 2017.

Our Migrant ambassadors also had the chance to bond over good food.

It’s all smiles and selfies at the International Migrants Day Celebrations 2017 organised by the Migrant Workers’ Centre.


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