Future Outlook: Stay Safe, Healthy and Clean

Safety Cap

No matter if it’s a taxi, bus, or lorry, people who drive for a living often clock hundreds of kilometres a day. And doing that can be dangerous if they are sleep deprived.

To help drivers stay awake behind the wheel, vehicle-manufacturing giant Ford has come up with a cap that tracks head movements and wakes sleepy drivers with flashing lights and vibrations.

PS: My editors think it’s a good idea to make all the journos wear this cap in the office. Please send help.

Source: www.wareable.com

Vital Attention

The days of monitoring patients overnight may soon be over! The Vitalpatch by Vitalconnect monitors eight vital signs including your heart rate, respiratory rate and ECG. It can even detect falls and body posture.

For patients, this means more freedom from the hospital; for doctors, it provides them with a wealth of real-time data all from one source. The device can also predict deteriorating health, helping doctors to intervene before it’s too late.

Just don’t give your doctors a scare by taking off the patch without informing them first.

Source: vitalconnect.com

Tiny Washer

About the size of your average smartphone, this might just be the smallest washing machine in the world!

The portable Sonic Soak uses ultrasonic sound waves to create tiny pressure bubbles to wash the dirt off your clothes.

Both compact and easy to use, you just have to place the device in water along with your clothes, use detergent and say the magic words: “Rub a little on the stain, pour the rest in.”

Then let the device do its work, and hey presto, clean clothes in a jiffy!

Source: www.indiegogo.com


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